The Beer Machine Model 2000

The Beer Machine Model 2000 is a small, starter home brew beer kit which features reduced brewing times while producing the same great tasting beer as traditional home brewing systems. The kit includes a custom pressure gauge, carbonation unit and pressure relief system. Its small size allows conditioning in the fridge and its all in one system eliminates the need for bottling. The Beer Machine Model 2000 home brew beer kit makes 28- 12 oz servings, or about 1L of beer.

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The Beer Machine Model 2000 Kit includes:

  • The Beer Machine Model 2000 custom pressure gauge
  • Carbonation unit and pressure relief system
  • One Brewers Select premium beer mix
  • Yeast
  • CO2 bulbs
  • defoamer disk
  • Brewing Guide

The Beer Machine Model 2000 Reviews

There are a good number of reviews of The Beer Machine Model 2000 home brew beer kit. Reviewers were evenly split on whether they would recommend this kit.

It seemed that when this kit worked, it worked well and it produced good tasting beer. Owners agreed that the faster fermentation and conditioning process produced tasty beer in less time that other kits. As with other kits, the longer you leave the beer the better the taste. They appreciated that bottling was optional and liked the float that drew beer from the top of the tank.

The other half of the reviewers were very frustrated by leak and pressure problems. Most noted that the tank is poorly designed. It comes in 2 pieces with an O ring gasket which makes it extremely difficult to achieve a good seal. The vast majority  of the negative reviews were because the tanks continually leaked.

It is worth noting that even within several of the positive reviews, leaks were noted. The reviews were still rated as positive as the leak either sorted itself out (but then leaked on subsequent batches) or the owner was able to finding and repair the leaks. One reviewer wrote about the poorly constructed pressure relief valve was not functioning as needed and was concerned the tank would rupture. Several owners commented on the poor experiences they had with customer service.

The Beer Machine Model 2000 Bottom Line

Because of the mixed reviews and the high incidence of leaks, we cannot recommend The Beer Machine Model 2000 home brew beer kit,  especially when considering there are much more highly rated products at similar (or even cheaper) price points.

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