Coopers Brewery MicroBrew Beer Kit

Coopers Brewery produces some of Australia’s favourite beers. This kit contains everything that you will need to simply and easily brew high quality beer in your home. Compact in size, so it doesn’t take up too much space in your house, this micro brew kit supplies everything you will need to make 30 -20oz bottles of fresh, crisp beer, while still allowing you room to grow into your hobby. The kit includes high quality PET bottles and caps, a helpful instructional DVD to supplement the manual and all the ingredients needed to brew your first batch of beer. When you are ready for a new flavor, Coopers also offers a wide variety of different beer kits for your brewing pleasure.


  • Plastic 30 liter (8 gallon) fermenter jug & lid with 0-ring
  • Hydrometer for checking fermentation
  • Sediment Reducer
  • Plastic Spoon
  • Bottling tube and bottling valve
  • Tap
  • Airlock
  • Airlock grommet
  • Thermometer
  • 30 – 740ml (20oz) PET plastic bottles and screw caps
  • Instructional booklet
  • Instructional DVD
  • 1.7kg Coopers Lager Beer Kit Concentrate with yeast
  • 1 kg Coopers Brewing Sugar
  • Bag of Carbonation drops


We found a very large number of reviews for this kit, both on Amazon and on the net. Overall, this kit got excellent and enthusiastic reviews.

There were a very few common complaints that reviewers had with the kit. They wished that the kit came with a sanitizing solution. Cooper’s recommends bleach but these owners preferred to use a food grade sanitizer easily available online or at their local brew store.

One reviewer pointed out that when washing up his bottles, he wished he had a drying rack to drain the equipment and reminded others to think about the space required to let the 30 bottles drip dry.

Other mentioned inconveniences were that the lid on the fermenter is hard to get off if tightened too firmly, that the bottle filler can drip, and that the tap valve is tight. One other had a problem with it not being tight enough. They went on to say that although present, these were minor issues and despite these inconveniences, still thought the kit was great value for all that was included.

Many people either gave or received this kit as a gift. People commented on the ease of use, the simplicity of start-up, the high quality of the equipment and the great tasting end product. They were very pleased that although this is a starter kit, it was much bigger than other starter kits available and gave them room to grow into their new hobby.

Many customers commented on how much fun it was to make their own beer, and were very pleased, and often pleasantly surprised at how good the end product tasted. One reviewer pointed out that he was very glad the lid to the fermenter was clear, for as a new brewer, he was very excited to be able to see what was happening in the fermenting vat.

Another reviewer waited 2 years before leaving a review so he could attest to the longevity and quality of the kit. A couple of reviewers praised Cooper’s customer service on their speed of reply and helpfulness asked for help. They felt the kit was excellent value for their money.

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With such an abundance of glowing reviews, we have no hesitation recommending this kit for yourself, or as a gift or for the aspiring home beer brewer. If you have even a tiny inkling that you might really like home brewing and want some room to grow with your hobby, then this is the kit for you!

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