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If you are here, its a good bet that like us, you love beer! Perhaps you have been thinking about a home brew beer kit as a way to introduce yourself to the hobby, make your own microbrewery creations and save a little money at the same time? Or you recently purchased or received a home brew beer kit as a gift, followed the instructions to the letter, but when you opened your first bottle, were disappointed to find that although drinkable, your creation was nothing special.

If this sounds like you, don’t despair, you are in good company.  In this series of articles we will address the common problems that afflict home brewers, and suggest ways to solve them to create delicious brews of your own creation. There are many ways you can raise the quality of your microbrew to heavenly heights, even with the most basic of home brew beer kits.

    • About Home Brew Beer Kits
      During our research on home brew beer kits, we found that there are some basic differences between the types of kits available. Please read on for some hints and advice on which beer kit is best suited for you.
    • Which Mr. Beer Kit should I choose?
      There are 4 different Mr. Beer Kits available and each are slightly different. Read our quick guide to these kits so you can easily choose the best one for you.
    • Home Brew Beer Kits – Solutions to Common Problems – Part Two: Brewing and Fermentation
      What you do during the brewing and fermentation stage can mean the difference between a merely adequate beer or something truly spectacular. Off flavours and aromas or even undrinkable beer can result from a simple misstep.It is generally written that there are 4 factors which must be controlled in the fermentation process to achieve the best tasting beer. Let’s look at these factors in more detail.
    • Home Brew Beer Kits – Solutions to Common Problems – Part Three: A-Z Off Flavours and What They Mean
      First time and even experienced home brewers can be plagued with problems with beer made with home brew beer kits. The beer quality made from these beer kits can be can be outstanding. However, its just as easy to brew beer that is merely average or even undrinkable. Often these middle of the road or terrible beers have off flavours produced from simple mistakes somewhere along the brewing process. Luckily, what off taste has been produced will help you trouble shoot where in the brewing process you went wrong so you can correct it for next time.

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